Thursday, 24 February 2011

February 24th

Hi friends!

Last 2 days I was an observer in the markets. Some setups I've noticed, and will concentrate on that for the next week.

Both EUR/CHF and USD/CHF have unsustainable downtrend. While USDCHF is clearly showing bullish divergence, I'll wait for an entry around 93,50 targeting 95,20 (more sustainable downtrend). with stop no more then 40 pips.

I'll be a buyer on EURCHF around 1,2850 targeting return to the 50 and 100 SMA, around 1.30 with stop loss 1,2750.

Haven't thought GBPJPY is going to make such a big move downwards, and exit my last short position @ 133,50....

At this moment it looks very overextended. It broke daily R3 zone, and make a small return back, I'll go long 132.20, SL 131.20, TP 1.3380 (return to the daily pivot, which also was totally missed today!).


  1. Hey, you do good trades as well,
    I will put you on my blog list.
    see u!

  2. Pozdrav stari
    Imaš email na mom profilu ak bi se pospikao ;)