Sunday, 27 February 2011


This pair is giving me trouble now.

It's also going south, constantly. Now I've been a prophet searching for reversals.

On the daily, and weekly (longer period MACD histogram), it's been showing signs of bullish divergence.

From the pivot point of view, you can see that he totally missed last two pivot points. I mean, it's not something usual, as every pair almost all the time at least touches it's daily pivot, not to mention spend some time around it.

I would like to see him going north, so I can say I told you so :-)

No exact entry point also, just an observation.


  1. Hey, take a look on my post on Friday, I put a small part talking about RSI, MACD, etc .. maybe one of them can help you better your entry.
    all the best!

  2. thank you Julia,

    great posts! Haven't checked your blog over the weekend! Gonna read it now, really great!