Sunday, 20 March 2011

Daily chart analysis

EURUSD is mainly driven by Japan and Lybia issue. To me it looks like trend exhaustion. I would be selling if it breaks the black trendline.

EURJPY is going sideways for quite some time. I would be looking for a buy, on the breakout of black line, @ 116. Otherwise, sell when continuation of the movement can be seen.

GBPUSD looks to me like in a second phase of the uptrend. Quite strong, too bad I haven't held it till the end but closed it early.

EURCHF is in downtrend. Don't know what smart can I say, on daily chart...but wait to see end of that triangle.

EURGBP seems strong, it's in third phase of the uptrend. Exhaustion could be comming.

AUDUSD broke the third and the second uptrend phase, correction to the first is inevitable. We could see it @ 0,9550 before continuation of the trend.

That's my daily analysis. Standard 4h chart setup for entries will be comming!

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