Wednesday, 23 March 2011

EUR/USD @ major resistance

EUR/USD is @ major resistance on monthly chart. I've taken some shorts but haven't posted the pictures upfront, so I won't count it in my pips report. I have an idea of building that position, and running it 1.30, if it gets there of course. I'll provide my charts analysis on the blog later on.

For EUR/AUD, I've closed it +185. Don't like holding it more then 3 days in one week. Decided to collect what's on the table.


  1. Hey ya,
    well at e/u I see very strong strength but not a proper signal to entry long.
    how are u doing in your trades? I hope great.
    see u

  2. Hey Julia,

    I'm short EURUSD @ 1,4230 from yesterday.

    I think this is unsustainable uptrend, and if you plot a monthly chart, you'll see a major resistance downtrend.

    There is also a bearish butterfly pattern on the 4h chart.

    Sure, everything is possible in the market, cannot say I'm right. It's true that eu is strong for sure!

    I'm doing ok, i'm satisfied ... not earninig anything but building my knowledge and selfesteem with being positive every week.

    I hope you're doing good also!

    Best regards from Croatia,