Monday, 14 March 2011

short EURGBP

It's not quite perfect trade but I've took it.

Some bearish divergence, MACD histogram decreasing and possible retrace to the 50-100 SMA area, with this time bigger risk/reward ratio.

So Short EUR/GBP @ 0.86504, SL 0.87050 (55 pips), TP 0.85550 (95 pips)


  1. Hi, kingich,
    I noticed this divergence too, but took a SL because of weekend gap. Good luck on this.
    How about Your trading results, is gooing up? Are You publishing them somewhere maybe?


  2. Hi Darius,

    yeah I know it's quite a slow pair, it also hit daily bollinger band and droped back down, as tested previous highs also. We'll see, there's nothing sure :-)

    Yeah, I'm my weekly trade results recap, you can find them on the blog, from the last week results are

    thanks for reading me

    best regards,


  3. P.S. Shame it stopped you on market opening, and then closed a gap and went south... I'm not happy with overweekend positions also, trying to end up my trades within one trading week.