Thursday, 28 April 2011

Time for me to come back

Hello my dear traders!

Long time no see! I was here but away. Haven't written anything, took some time off the market, to analyse myself and my behavior. I've had some success on the market with long term trend following technique and adding to a winning position, as I previously wrote about that : position trading.

When it comes to swing / day trading, I still suck. No real money there, just losses.

I've came back to basics, study basic candlestick patterns, basic technical analysis pattern like triangle, flag, wedge, and trying to apply all that.

I hope I'll be smarter in the future and that I and you could learn from my journal.

I'm looking forward for writing the journal again.

Happy trading!

Thursday, 14 April 2011


Shorter term trade, along with market direction with tight stop loss and extended profit potential.

Long position of AUD/NZD also confirmed by the price being stopped retracing on the 50 % of the latest up swing.

GBP/CAD on weekly chart has bearish bias and channel trading.

According to the overall market direction, I've decided to take a short trade, confirmed by the price rejection of the 61,8 % of the fibonnaci retracement from the last swing down, and confirmed by the bearish gartley pattern.

These are my today's trades. Good luck in your trading

13th of April

This was a successful trade.

Also a successful one.

This trade is still open and ongoing.

Winds of change

Hi guys,

As you can see I'm changing ways of trading like I'm changing socks. I'm aware of the fact that it's not good, but can't help myself. As I'm searching for something that will suite me better.

Recently I've decided to draw my own patterns on the chart and take some of the harmonic pattern that indicator generates me, as I haven't learned to draw them myself.

I'm not just blindfollowing every pattern I see, but trying to find another support/resistance, triangle, channel or other simple formation that will also provide me direction of the market, with the conformation of the harmonics.

I'll provide you with charts of my latest trades.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Harmonic trading

Hi guys!

Have to count my deads... Last two weeks for me were very lousy.

I'm experimenting and trading a bit of harmonics pattern, beside my 4h regular setup. I'm taking a longer term positions, also 4h or daily chart, according to the channel the currency is trading in, and the pattern itself.

Something for this week,

SELL 0.100M EUR/CAD @ 1.38057, SL 1.40800 (274 pips), TP 1.35600 (246 pips) Gartley bearish on daily chart

BUY 0.100M AUD/NZD @ 1.34944, SL 1.34000 (94 pips), TP 1.37300 (236 pips) bullish ABCD pattern on 4H chart

SELL 0.100M GBP/CAD @ 1.56405, SL 1.57700 (130 pips), TP 1.53200 (321 pips) ABCD short pattern on 4h chart, downward channel on daily

BUY 0.100M USD/CHF @ 0.90848, SL 0.89800 (105 pips), TP 0.91900 (105 pips) bullish butterfly on 1h chart

Good trading!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

GBP/AUD long, GBP/CAD long

Hi friends,

I've taken two trades right this moment, it's GBPAUD and GBPCAD longs.

On both pairs I've got MACD line above 0, pairs breaking 62EMA, and I'm targeting them around 800 SMA.

To be exact,

GBPAUD long @ 1.5750, SL 1.5630 (120 pips), TP 1.5960 (210 pips)

GBPCAD long @ 1.5694, SL 1.5560 (134 pips), TP 1.5850 (156 pips)

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Addition: AUD/NZD

AUD/NZD : Think sell is an option on this pair.


Hi guys!

I've had an active weekend with my son, hope you enjoyed your weekend too.

Now back to business, looking for another adventure in the far right!

I've changed my charts a little bit, as I find more suitable for me. On my charts you can see 800 SMA black (slash), 62 EMA (orange) and 200 SMA (blue). Also, regular bollinger bands 1 and 2 SD, and regular MACD. Nothing special.

I'll pay more attention to the candles themselves, then to the indicators and things on my chart - they should come second. I guess when we put them on the chart, we forget about the price. Indicator becomes most important thing on the chart. So we get a dizzy picture.

For this week, I found something that I will be checking.

AUD/CHF is forming a huge triangle. Also, he totally missed it's last weekly pivot. Break above or below the triangle will be the entry trigger.

GBP/CHF is also in a ascending triangle, pushing the price slowly up with higher lows. For entry, I will wait for price to break the triangle, targeting 1,53.

AUD/CAD I've marked a pin bar, which we could see as a trend exhaustion. Nevertheless, price is consolidating in a broadening formation. A break above or (as I personally think) below formation will trigger my entry.

EUR/CAD - If we put this two candles I've marked together, it would be a pinbar, also right on the trend support line and 200 SMA. I think this could be a reversal point, also looking that the pair have totally missed it's last weekly pivot, I would be entering long targeting 1,3850 and above, when I see MACD line above 0.

Wish you luck