Thursday, 28 April 2011

Time for me to come back

Hello my dear traders!

Long time no see! I was here but away. Haven't written anything, took some time off the market, to analyse myself and my behavior. I've had some success on the market with long term trend following technique and adding to a winning position, as I previously wrote about that : position trading.

When it comes to swing / day trading, I still suck. No real money there, just losses.

I've came back to basics, study basic candlestick patterns, basic technical analysis pattern like triangle, flag, wedge, and trying to apply all that.

I hope I'll be smarter in the future and that I and you could learn from my journal.

I'm looking forward for writing the journal again.

Happy trading!


  1. Would be good to see the application/method of your trades.

  2. Hi Al Shiang,

    Thanks for reading me, I will post my big winner on AUDJPY, and a trading methodology I've decided to apply, and quit fooling around with all that gartlys and contrarian techniques.