Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Market observation


  1. Hello Ivan, thank you for the email. You're welcome to my blog.

    I believe every trader has his/her own method in trading. Yours is completely different than mine. I do not use fibo, gartley or any of that sort. Just sacred geometry. Perhaps you should check out or google for Gann.

  2. Nice to have you back man!

    My golden principles and my 2 cents are:
    1. Build up the account! (close a winner on a swing!)Reenter on a retrace.
    2. Bigger SLs than TPs!Get out when goes against!
    3. Strong vs Weak - My table is recognizable!
    4. MM - risk max 0,50% per trade!
    5. Trade trend direction for only 20-50 pips!
    6. S&R / Fibonacci / Trendlines!

    Pick a plan and trade a plan.

    You can simulate your trading in a MT4 simulator to get a month trades around in about 3 hours. And you can practice your plan!

    Have a nice summer ;)

  3. Ai Shiang, you're welcome to my blog as well :-)

    I agree that every trader has to find his own method, I've realized that now after 2 years following others. I've also quit using harmonics indicators and stuff I dont completely understand. Think if you're using something you don't understand enough, that can be quite dangerous.

    I see u're using market geometry thanks for links they're great. Best luck in trading to u!

    Adminator: It's nice to be back also, and see you people who are reading me wanting me to get back. I'm really grateful for your support. Thanks for your advices, will print them out!

    Don't really know how to use that simulator, have to check that on the web how to use it!

    Best regards,