Saturday, 14 May 2011

Next week possible ichimoku trades

Hi everybody!

Not much of ichimoku setups at the moment. If this is a correction we could get nice setups in the near future, if the market is turning then it will take more time.

USD/CHF could be a valid short trade somewhere below 0,88.

GBP/CHF - also could be short position around 1,43.

AUD/USD - long trade if price gets around 1,0750.

AUD/CAD long trade if price gets around 1,0350


  1. Hey, kingich,
    How you doing?

    Pretty analysis with ichimoku, had no experience on it, useful for me.

    Noticed, you have changed your platform? What is it?


  2. Hey Darius, it's FXCM's Marketscope platform. Nice one also! Friend made a multi time frame Ichimoku indicator for me so I'm using it :-)

  3. Hey Kingich, how are u doing?
    Are u liking trade with Ichimoku? (Have been getting more winning than losses?)

    I hope u are doing well.
    Your charts are looking very good!

  4. Hi Julia! Well there is some winning trades, but trends are running for a long term, so now market looks like consolidating on a weekly levels, there is not much opportunities - with this strategy. If/when I catch new trends from the beginning I believe it will work. Best regards,

  5. Looks like patience will be the name of the game for you this week. Lets hope the Trading Gods bring some movement and you get a chance to take some trades. Im liking your selectivity and how your trading with the trend - kool looking charts.

  6. thanks buddy!

    I need to be patient, yes. As you see, I'm more concentrated that my charts look pretty then to make money :D

  7. Well, this is a nice indy and you could share it to your trading buddies AS this is not YOUR indy and it could be downloaded from the net. I found it in 5 minutes.

  8. lol, sure it's not mine if somebody else made it. It's for general public, but friend programmed it by my request. It's not a secret, I would have told you if you asked me ......unlike opposite when I asked you something :-)

  9. lol back at you :) mine system works over server and can not be shared cus we already have problems with connection - the idea was shared from day one :)
    Can you ask your friend to do this indy in mq4? :)