Sunday, 21 August 2011

Time to say goodbye

Good luck guys, I'm quitting this. It's simply not working for me, I ain't that caliber to become a trader-have to admit that to myself.

Wish you a good and healthy life!

best regards,


Monday, 8 August 2011

AUD/JPY weekly

Wasn't what I expected. Saved my head here ....

Market is always right. Here I can apply that one: if you cannot change your mind, you soon won't have anything left to change!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Ke serra, serra... whatever will be, will be :-)

To be honest, I don't like trading against CHF at the moment, as this animal is strenghtening against all currencies. I dont know if there is Gold/CHF, or Oil/CHF but i guess it would be in a downtrend also. Nevertheless, there is overextension of beeing 5 days in a row below bollinger bands, and some divergence on 4h chart. Latest 1h chart shows weekly fibbonaci numbers, and if I see a price few hours above 0,8 will enhance me to try to take some longs there.

This chart is for info only, Think I'm not going to trade this pair next week.

Its hard to belive that a major trend has changed on aussie dollar.

There is a divergence on 4h chart, but on daily price action doesn't convince me to take longs. We'll see, price holds above weekly fibbs support (1,0550) and I might trade it.

6 day out of lower bolligner band on daily, wow. This swiss franc is insane. Divergence on 4h, price above support on 1h (weekly fibbs)...maybe long.

CAD/JPY violated lots of support areas...It shows some support around shaded areas, but not sure...

AUD/JPY huh, here I have to say that "if you cannot change your mind, you soon won't have anything left to change". I had multiple long trades there, and not a single short. If you take a look at that grand chart of mine for audjpy, its currently at 50 % retracement from low-high this year, and holding a level of 82 will get me long again.

EUR/JPY, dont know, maybe buy @ support shaded area...

GBP/CAD, hm... First, resistance on daily, along with R1 fibbs... Divergence on 4h chart, price holding below 1,5980 and I'll short it.

125 Level has been great support to GBP/JPY, but not sure about this one. Have been really slow lately...EUR/USD moves hell of a lot more then this pair.

GBP/USD daily chart looks like we have some resistance there, we'll see...

This one is just for the record, not really intent to do anything there.

Hope you found my analysis helpful for next week battle.

Take care and happy trading!

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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

AUD/JPY weekly

I'm still bullish on this pair, but have to be careful, and wait for a market confirmation, so far it's not looking so good, as yen is strenghtening against all pairs.

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