Sunday, 21 August 2011

Time to say goodbye

Good luck guys, I'm quitting this. It's simply not working for me, I ain't that caliber to become a trader-have to admit that to myself.

Wish you a good and healthy life!

best regards,



  1. Jou Ivan,

    wssup mate - it is healthy to acknowledge that we make mistakes - that is why demo trading is the name of the game. Paitence and great strategy. I advise you to play it safe for at least half a year. Demo trade this strategy. It will take you 6 months to understand this strategy but I think it is the best one on the market.

    here are some great traders here: from monthly-weekly-daily trading. Only pinbars - it is great. Use simulator which will pump up your experiance gradually. Hope you will consider it.

    start from the beginning and trade demo. You will see the result. Hope you will be still in touch. If you have any Q pls contact me.

    Have a nice day,

  2. kingich,

    have you been trading full time for a living to pay the bills? If so, I can't imagine the pressure you must be under to "trade for a living".

    If you have been trading part time, you have to ask your self if you have given your self a decent chance at a a successful trading career.

    Account size, consistent trading plan and opportunities to trade is what separates most traders.

    Good luck!

  3. Adminator, Trin my buddies

    I wasn't earned my living with trading, I was trying to do that since my wife cannot find a job and we have a tight budget. Luckily I still have my regular job.

    I came to a point where I saw that I'm making one step ahead and two steps back, all the time. Make some money ,loose more then I made, and I don't have proper education in trading, all I'm doing is wonder around in circles, through forums, websites, indicators, trendlines, channels, drawing something and most of the time don't know exacly what I'm doing. Sometimes I feel like I'm gambling and I don't want to do that.

    Adminator - I can try with a demo, but its not the same - my behaviour is not the same, as live. I've made it several times on demo, but somehow like market knows whether it's real money or not.

    Trin, dont know answer to that question, I've been 2 and a half year in this, spend endless hours, every day after work, till midnight, every weekend - EVERY. I've spend enormous amount of time, and money and seen my family suffers because of it. It wasn't that I'm playing games on the computer, and always explaining what I'm trying to achieve, but the fact is I was on the charts / markets all my available time - all. I gave it all, my heart, soal, energy and got nothing back. And despite all that - I wouldn't quit if I see a light in the end of the tunnel, but I don't. I don't know how much longer will this torture continue. I can continue trading, but I need a mentor - or somebody who will take me to more professional level. This what I've been doing alone is pure amateurism and there is no place for amateurs on the markets.

    Even through this blog I was trying to see other peoples strategies, maybe even find a mentor who can take me to the next level in this business but there was no such person unfortunately.

    I wish you guys success and I'll be checking on you from time to time.


  4. Kingich,
    If trading part time or full time, I believe reasonable expectations have to be factored into your P&L. To consistently have the ability to make just 3% a month is a blessing many traders wish they had. Has your monthly profit targets been much higher? The bigger the target the more risk you have to take.

    I humbly come to the conclusion it takes a lot of money to make a little bit of money. Many trading books say to never risk more that 2-5% on any one trade, many traders (myself included) have risked a lot more than that on multiple trades, a quick way to ruin a trading account. Now speaking from experience, my biggest winners have never been bigger than my worst losers.
    As I mentioned on my blog my goal is trade full time for a living, what I am doing now is a lot of costly experimentation, for the part time trader, I believe the strategy needs to factor in the lack of time you have in front of the screen.

    I’ll shoot you an email with some ideas if you’re interested.


  5. Definatelly I've been earning and loosing more then 3 % a month. around 10-20 % it was. I hope your quest will end up with treasure, and that time, money and effort will pay out in the end.

    Sure I'd like to share ideas Trin, thanks in advance. Don't see anywhere your email so pls contact me at or skype kingich_12345.

  6. kingich,

    I will email you at kingich(at) avoid the spam. I will be happy to share ideas with you.

  7. I'm really sad to loose my classmate and I hope that one day I (we)'ll find something good to share so that you can come back :-(

    Meanwhile, I wish you all the best for you and your family.

    Sad D

  8. I have also been in this for about two years now, without a mentor, and struggling in this with a good friend till now. Therefore, I am not sure what to advise you but its great knowing you. Hopefully you will be back some day and things will be better.

    Good luck to you in whatever you pursue! Stay in touch, will keep this blog subscribed. :)

  9. really sad to hear someone has decided about leaving this "community"..
    kingich, i'm glad i had a change to meet you, and i hope we'll keep in touch. nevertheless wish you happiness and see you later:)

  10. If you come back, don't use indicators. Only use 3 lines of ema, volume and SR lines. Think of trading as a hobby- take it slowly.

  11. thank you friends. You better trade good, I will be watching you! :D

    I will be back, I ain't going to surrender that easily :)

  12. Hey kingich, don't leave us!!!!!!

    I know exactly what you mean...we have all been there. I have 'wasted' years at trading. But I realised I do it because I enjoy it, like I am sure you must if you devote so much time.

    Take some weeks off and dont even look at a does you wonders for getting back on track in the rest of your life. One day, you will get the urge to trade again. Then, when you do, just make sure not to fall in to the bottomless pit again.

    See you soon