Saturday, 24 September 2011

My trading way

I've read my blog name, and suddenly I realized that all that I've done here was everything else but my trading way...There's nothing mine here, no contribution whatsoever. Everything I've done is trying to assemble somebody else's method and make it work for me.

I have a method now that I'll stick with, because it's not about the method but about me. My trading way has to come within me, I cannot find it anywhere outside.

I guess everybody has his/her's own journey and we simply cannot walk together. Everybody must climb this mountain alone. Nobody can help me, and I cannot help anyone also.

This is a bliss of realization for one Saturday evening, while I was checking the charts I've posted, the performance I've achieved and was looking how much people are reading me. I will stay though, write, post trades, but without expectation of learning from others and without a wish for me to teach others.

Wish you good day, on whatever part of the earth you're on :-)


  1. Bingo! Trading is something one must seek for him/herself.

  2. Some guru thought it can be learn by students :)