Friday, 10 February 2012

Starting again

Hi boys and girls,

Long time no see. I'm around every day, checking you, but been out of live market for a while now. I've been really busy, without enough time (and money) to analyse, trade, manage trades, win, loose, anything.

I've been experimenting with ichimoku, as I really like that trading style, so decided to get back to it.

What I have been doing mostly in January and February is testing, looking at historical charts, figuring out how to set up a strategy that I can follow with all my other obligations taking place from 6am to 6pm mostly. It's not easy, I can tell you.

Definitively what I've decided is to start on my own, personal methodology. I found out weekly pivots are doing some great job in the forex market, so I've implemented  them into my charts.

I'm looking forward in writing you again, on regular basis.

Best regards!