Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Intraday setups

Entering market on stop orders, trying to set up my trades at evenings, for the next day.


  1. Hi nice blog,as i was reading about your trading,i understand you r not yet making money from the market.May i ask,what do thing is holding you back,is this the strategy,the capital,time?.Every trades has unique story and some of them lucky enough to make real money to call as an income.Good luck my friend.

  2. Hi!

    Thank you for reading me. I really am struggling and as the matter of fact, its almost everything you mentioned. Due to my working hours, I'm not in the market 10 hours a day, on most active market hoursa (whole european and part of american session). Capital is also an issue, and as you can see from my blog, changing strategy also. Cannot find suitable swing strategy for myself.

    How are you swimming with sharks on the market?

    best regards,


  3. Hi,Ivan,you don't need to sit infront of computer 10 hours a day to make need enough capital to make it a full-time job but you need to learn first before you trade live right.Strategy is important ,most importantly a complete plan .What to do in every steps of trading.
    I am trading full time from my home in sydney,my ROI is 20-30.
    If you like you can talk to me on the skye ,address: prdtrader1.I can show you some trick,if you like.

  4. Hey, thank you very much for your help. Currently I'm on small vacation at my parents and mobile internet connection is limited so cannot access skype, but returning home next week and then I'll contact you via skype for sure.